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If you want a nice clean Modern Haircut, this is the place for you. 

We believe by booking an appointment you can relaxed knowing that you won't have to worry about waiting time & you won't be rushed out the door. 

But Here!!!  If your happy to wait grab a seat.. Nobody will ever been turned away!!!!  

- About us -

Harry Preshur

Founder of Harrys Barbershop & Helper Of Many.. 

I changed the industry in this area. I helped the many where others would not.  

Haircuts & Shaves are my thing.. 

I live this life. I just love everthing about being a barber. I love to be the person you can come to when in need. In need of a haircut  In need of a shave.  In need of someone to talk to. In need of someone to sure you bad news or even better you good news with.  


New to the area, come see me I've lived here ALL my life.  

Get Daily Updates on Instagram @harrypreshur

Gavin Brown

Whats good 


I'm Gavin Barber Brown...... Whats happening 

Used to be a music teacher properly taught your kids

Now im dropping trims better get your husbands in 

I scream in those weird metal bands that makes slipknot look like a church choir 

But when you meet me im acutally a very nice Duddddeeeeeee.

Instagram @barber_brown_93 


Hi I'm JT (Jordan Thompson)

I'm 25 & in my free time I can be found in the local Skate Park.

When I left school I studied to be an Electrical Engineer but I could not find passion in it & I've worked as a Bar Tender for the Hastings Group for 4 years.

I've been getting my haircut in Harry's from the first week he opened his doors & I've loved the craic & wanted to be part of it.  So after the lockdowns I enrolled in a Barber course & spent my spare time in the Barbershop with Harry & Gavin.  When an oppertunity came up Harry asked me would I like to come onboard as a full time Apprentice.  I jumped at it & haven't looked back.  From Skateboards to Skinfades, Scissor cuts to Hot Towel Shave. I've learnt so much & can't wait to show you how far I've come. 

 I'm building a small reguar clientele & I hope you'll be part of it. 


JT @JT_Ladd

Harry's BarberShop , Greenisland

3 Glassillan Court





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